Booking conditions Belles Villas en Bretagne


Important: A booking can only be confirmed once the deposit has been paid (or the full amount if within eight weeks of arrival).

30% of rental cost is due at the time of booking.

The balance must be paid not less than eight weeks prior to your arrival at the property. Bookings taken within eight weeks of your arrival at the property must be paid in full at the time of booking

More than 60 days prior to arrival: 30% of the total rental
Between 59 and 45 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total rental
Between 44 and 21 days prior to arrival: 80% of the total rental
Between 20 days and the arrival date: 100% of the total rental

Between Belles Villas en Bretagne and “the party leader”. It is agreed that once the contract is signed by the party leader, all terms and conditions must be adhered to. By signing this contract the party leader agrees to comply with all the provisions that follow. The contract can be cancelled only within the limits of its provisions.
2. Stay
2.1 Location and Duration
The booking you have made is on a specific property and a selected period. The return transport between your home and the property booked is not included in the rental price. It is your responsibility to make travel arrangements.
The booking starts from 5pm on the 1st day shown in the booking confirmation and ends at 10am at the latest on the last day of that period.
At least 10 days before the scheduled start of the holiday, you will receive documentation which will allow you to contact the key holder once in your rented accommodation. This documentation will also show important phone numbers you may need when staying at the property.
2.2 Services included
The description of the villa shows what services are included at the property. Additional, optional services are also available during your stay.
2.3 Changes
If before the start of the holiday we are forced to make a change to any of the essential elements regarding the property or the services available we will notify you. This information will be sent either by email to the email address of the party leader or by post to their home address. Belles Villas en Bretagne will let you know what alternative arrangements can be made to replace the services that cannot be provided. You can then either cancel the contract without penalty and get an immediate refund of monies paid, or accept the alternatives provided. If you accept the alternative, an amendment will be made to the contract. If as a result of this change, the price of your stay is reduced, we will reimburse you any amount overcharged. We require acknowledgement of your acceptance of these changes.
If during the holiday we are unable to provide a major part of the services you paid for that would represent a significant percentage of the price paid, we will:
Offer alternative services by absorbing, where appropriate any additional charge or by paying part of the price if the price of the services provided is less than that of those that had been agreed.
Or, if we cannot offer replacement services or if you refuse our offer, we will then, at no extra cost ensure you return to your property or any other properties we agree together to move you and your party.
2.4 Cancellation
By Belles Villas en Bretagne
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation up to 30 days before the start of the holiday. This notification will be sent either by email to the email address of the party leader or by post to their home address.
We will refund any amounts paid and to pay you compensation at least equal to the penalty you would incur if the cancellation was your doing. These provisions are not intended to stop you from taking the matter further, or to impede the search for any amicable solution.
By the customer (party leader)
Any cancellation by you (for whatever reason) must be notified by email to Select Villas and Belles Villas en Bretagne. The effective date of cancellation is the date we receive written notification. The cancellation charges are as follows:
More than 60 days prior to arrival: 30% of the total rental
Between 59 and 45 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total rental
Between 44 and 21 days prior to arrival: 80% of the total rental
Between 20 days and the arrival date: 100% of the total rental
If Belles Villas en Bretagne manages to re-let the property, only the deposit (30%) will be retained.
Belles Villas en Bretagne recommends the party leader takes out insurance to cover holiday cancellation.
Cancellations due to government public health measures
In the event of cancellation by the guests, full payment of the rent remains due.
All natural risks or epidemics preventing or prohibiting access to the property are part of the travel risks and cannot be considered as cases of force majeure to cancel the reservation free of charge. It is therefore highly recommended for guests to take out travel insurance that will cover you and your party for any losses, costs or expenses (including medical expenses), pre-existing medical conditions, missed or disrupted travel arrangements, loss of baggage and money and other expenses, additional accommodation or travel expenses.
It is your responsibility to check that your insurance provides you with adequate cover and we recommend that that at the very least your insurance covers cancellation by you, the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness. You will need to make sure that such insurance covers you for access to health services not covered by a valid GHIC or EHIC if you have one.
If you have any questions in relation to this, these should be raised with your travel insurance provider.

2.5 Complaints
Any complaints about the services provided by Belles Villas en Bretagne must be made as soon as possible after the event has taken place. The complaint must be sent to us by any means likely to receive an acknowledgment.
3 Price
3.1 Accommodation and services
The price of your holiday is mentioned in the booking confirmation and includes all of the services detailed.
This price does not include the following: transport costs of any kind between your home and the rented property, transport costs between the rented property and other locations, unless they are specifically listed on the descriptive note and that they are made by a public transport.
The price does not include extras other than those specified in the website description, or any other services that the customer may require.
It does not include the cost of care, repairs, feeding pets, etc
3.2 Price changes
Prices may go up or down in the event of changes in taxes included in the rental. Any increase will be explained. The party leader agrees to pay any such increase within 48 hours of the submission of this evidence. Should clients have overpaid Belles Villas en Bretagne we will reimburse the excess payment to the party leader within the same time period.
3.3 Payment
Deposit payment
A deposit of 30% of the total amount will be paid upon signature of the contract. Failing to pay the deposit within 8 days of the contract being sent, Belles Villas en Bretagne may reserve the right to cancel your booking.
The balance is payable eight weeks prior to arrival.
Failing to pay the balance, Belles Villas en Bretagne will reserve the right to cancel your booking.
For bookings within eight weeks of arrival, the full rental is due at time of booking.
If the payment of the deposit or the balance as agreed is not paid within 10 days following sending a notice the contract will be void. Belles Villas en Bretagne may ask for see compensation with the relevant court of law. Until a ruling is passed on its request, Belles Villas en Bretagne may retain the amounts perceived and will be charged against any compensation awarded.
3.4 Payment Method
Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card.
4 Assignment of Contract
The party leader can transfer the contract to any person who will then take its place. All rights and obligations set out above and below will be transferred to the new person. However, the assignment cannot take place within seven days before arrival. The party leader must notify Belles Villas en Bretagne by any means likely to receive an acknowledgment.
5 Liability
Belles Villas en Bretagne is responsible for the proper implementation of services even if all or parts of them are provided by independent service providers. However, Belles Villas en Bretagne may be exonerated wholly or partially from liability by proving that the non-performance or improper performance of the contract is attributable to the customer or to an unforeseeable and insurmountable third party unconnected with the provision of the services or a case of force majeure.
Belles Villas en Bretagne’s responsibility does not extend to information provided by third parties about the property and services available at the property.
6 General Information and Information Exchange
When a non-resident of the European community holidays in France, they must be able to prove their identity and hold, if necessary, a temporary residence permit.
The absence of either of these documents cannot be attributed to Belles Villas en Bretagne. If a client is unable to present such documents, the contract will be terminated. The client will suffer the consequences and will be liable for all amounts due should he wish to cancel the contract.
Any exchange of information between the client and the booking agent must be done either via email or post to their registered address.
7 Law
The contract is subject to French law. Any disputes on its validity or execution will be submitted to the relevant jurisdiction.
8 Reminder of legal provisions
The accommodation is supplied in accordance with the following Code of Tourism:
R.211-3, R.211-4, R.211-5, R.211-6, R.211-7, R.211-8, R.211-9, R.211-10, R.211-11. Full details of these Codes are available on request.
9 Arrival and departure times
Arrivals are on Saturday from 5pm to 7pm. In peak times, it is possible that the cleaning staff may encounter an unforeseen situation and the villa may not be ready at 5pm. No claims will be accepted. Upon prior request and with approval by Belles Villas en Bretagne, the arrival time can be brought forward. In case of arrival outside standard days and time, clients must inform Belles Villas en Bretagne in advance.
Departures are on Saturday 10am latest. An inventory is done id time allows, the security deposit is handed back on the day of departure or within one week of departure.
10 Occupancy
The maximum capacity of the villa must not be exceeded. An extra person may be added in which case a rollaway bed can be placed in the property. The cost is 60€ per stay. It is absolutely forbidden to pitch a tent in the garden as this may be lead to the immediate termination of the contract. The premises must be left as clean as found on arrival or a penalty may apply. The neighbourhood should be respected, as well as instructions relating to the disposal of household waste.
11 Breakages
Some facilities or equipment may break just before your arrival or during your stay. Where a replacement or repairs are possible a reasonable time allowance should be expected for the repair or delivery to happen. No claim or reduction will be accepted. In the case of an early departure, no refund will be due.
12. Pool safety
We draw your attention to the use of the pool and jacuzzi. It is your responsibility to take all precautions for the use of these facilities, especially if you are staying with young children care must be taken at all times. You acknowledge fully that Belles Villas en Bretagne is not liable in case of an accident happening to yourself, a family member or a participant to stay.

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