Booking conditions Moliets villas


Important: A booking can only be confirmed once the deposit has been paid (or the full amount if within 8 weeks of arrival).

30% of rental cost is due at the time of booking.

The balance must be paid not less than 8 weeks prior to your arrival at the property.Bookings taken within 8 weeks of your arrival at the property must be paid in full at the time of booking.


If you need to cancel your booking the party leader must do so immediately in writing or by email Select Villas. Cancellation charges are as follows:
More than 31 days before the arrival date: 30% of total cost of holiday
Between 30 and 21 days before the arrival date: 45% of total cost of holiday
Between 20 and 8 days before the arrival date: 60% of total cost of holiday
Between 7 and 4 days before the arrival date: 90% of total cost of holiday
3 days or less before the arrival date: full cost of holiday.

By purchasing the products online or by telephone, you (the client) are accepting the following general terms and conditions.

We would like to emphasise that the photographs featured on our website are non contractual and impose neither obligation nor responsibility on our part. They are for illustrative purposes only.

1. Objective
Each booking is made under the condition of temporary residence only. It is strictly forbidden for clients to use accommodation as a principal or even secondary residence. Under no circumstances may professional or commercial business be conducted from the premises.

The contract will be governed by English law and any disputes which arise must be brought within the courts of England and Wales, unless you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, in which case proceedings can be brought within these courts.

2. Prices
Prices may be changed at any time and for any reason. Products and services will be charged according to the rates in place at the time of booking. All prices include tax and are stated in Euros. All bookings regardless of their country of origin have to be paid in Euros. Prices are per unit of accommodation and per week, unless otherwise stated. Holiday tax, booking charges, optional services and the cost of sporting activities (unless otherwise indicated) are not included, and neither is the damage deposit which is to be paid by the client upon arrival.

3. Deposit and payment of the balance:
Upon making a booking, the client must pay part or the total amount of the holiday, according to arrival date.
30% of the deposit paid at the time of the booking. The balance paid 8 weeks before arrival.
Arrival date less than 56 days : The total amount of the booking must be paid on line at the time of booking.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

4. Holiday Taxes:
Holiday taxes are not included in the prices. As an indication, the amount tends to vary from 0.20€ to 1.50€ per person, per night. This tax is a fixed amount in each location, and is regularly revised by the local authorities, to whom we are required to transfer the tax collected from our clients.

5. Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by the Company handling the Domain: Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts
In unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances (known in France as force majeure), Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts reserves the right to modify one or more of the services on offer. This includes both the accommodation itself and any optional additional services. The client will not be charged for any unavailable services. Should the aforementioned situation arise the client will be notified of these modifications by e-mail or telephone by way of confirmation. The client may then choose to :
– either terminate his/her contract and be fully reimbursed
– or accept the modifications or the alternative holiday proposed by Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts
Both parties will then sign an amendment detailing the modification. Should there be a reduction or increase in cost this will be deducted from or added to the outstanding balance owed by the Client. If payment has already been made in full and exceeds the price of the substitute holiday, the surplus will be refunded to the client before the date of the end of their stay.

6. Modifications made to key elements of the reservation by the Client
The length of stay is stated in the booking confirmation. The length of stay may be extended, at the discretion of Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts, provided there is a sufficient availability. Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts is under no obligation to offer the client the same apartment or the same rates as the original reservation. In the case of an extended stay with a revised price, the new price will be applied as of the original arrival date. In addition to the above conditions, the client must put the desired modifications to the contract in writing and send it to Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts. Any modifications to a booking carry a 35 € fee to cover administration charges. This must be received no later than 31 days before the arrival date.

7. Cancellation conditions
Cancellation charges are as follows:
More than 31 days before the arrival date: 30% of total cost of holiday
Between 30 and 21 days before the arrival date: 45% of total cost of holiday
Between 20 and 8 days before the arrival date: 60% of total cost of holiday
Between 7 and 4 days before the arrival date: 90% of total cost of holiday
3 days or less before the arrival date: full cost of holiday.

7.1 Cancellations due to government public health measures
If the Client has to cancel the booking because applicable government public health measures mean it is unlawful or unadvisable to travel or occupy the Property, the Company will offer the client a choice between the following options:
a) Postpone the booking to the corresponding week the following year (depending on availability), in the same property, at no extra cost, even if the cost of that week would otherwise have risen.
b) Defer all monies paid onto a holiday booking taken any time in the next year at any of the properties at the following domains: La Prade (Moliets) and La Clairiere aux Chevreuils (Moliets).

8. Termination of stay:
The client is not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind if they shorten or interrupt their stay, regardless of the reason (including strike action or repatriation on medical grounds, etc).In addition, any unused service will not be refunded.

9. Arrival and departure times
The villas, chalets, apartments and hotel rooms are available to the client from 5pm. On the day of departure they must be vacated by 10am, otherwise the client will be invoiced for an extra day in the accommodation. In the case of a late arrival, i.e. after 8pm the client must contact Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts or the site manager to agree an arrival time or an access to the accommodation after reception is closed.

10. Damage deposit
A damage deposit of 750€ is requested on the client’s arrival. The deposit will be returned within 15 days of the client’s departure. This delay allows Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts to discover any damage not immediately noticeable. In any apartment, chalet or villa, if cleaning or repair work is necessary, or if a broken or damaged object needs replacing, the amount deducted from the damage deposit for expenses will be justified by means of an invoice. The client will be charged 8 Euros for any lost key.
Throughout his/her stay, the client is automatically held fully responsible for any object that is damaged or broken, and for any other damage to any other contents of the property.

11. Contents
The apartments, chalets, villas and hotel rooms are fully equipped with cutlery, crockery and bedding (except sheets and towels, unless the client requests these at the time of booking and pays the extra charge). It is forbidden to use the beds without sheets. Due to there being many simultaneous arrivals and departures, it may be impractical for Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts to check the accommodation upon the client’s arrival. In this case, a list of the contents of the accommodation will be compiled before arrival at the property and a written copy provided for the client, who should then inform the manager of the residence as soon as possible if there are any discrepancies. Upon arriving at the property after a previous client’s departure, the client should indicate any problems, damage or missing items.
In their own interest, each client should therefore compile an inventory upon arrival detailing any marks and stains, appliances that do not work properly and submit this in writing to the manager of the property with minimal delay.

12. Client obligations
The accommodation will be provided to the client in a good state of repair. It is expected that the client uses the property and its contents respectfully and responsibly. The apartments, chalets, villas and rooms all conform to French safety regulations and are regularly inspected. They are equipped for holiday use. The maximum occupancy of the accommodation is indicated in its description. The accommodation must never be occupied by a greater number than that stated in the contract. In locations where amenities such as communal or private swimming pools, saunas, spa pools, gyms or games are available or other activities are proposed in collaboration with other providers, the client must, before use, judge themselves to be fit, in a good state of health and capable of participating or using the equipment. They must also take note of the instructions regarding usage, maintenance and safety and be sure to understand and respect these rules. If these instructions are not followed Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts will not take any responsibility for damage, loss or injury to those using the equipment.
Finally, Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts reserves the right to deny access to any equipment or service to anyone who refuses to conform to the rules of use or safety.

13. Responsibility
Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts will not be held responsible for the damage or theft of personal belongings within accommodation, including in individual safes, communal areas, car parks or any other area of the residence or hotel. Similarly, Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts will not be held responsible should injury, illness or death occur as a result of the practice of a sport or any other activity organised on or off site. Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts will not be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that may upset or interrupt the holiday or prevent it from taking place.
The client must ensure that they hold valid insurance (comprehensive and civil responsibility as well as an extension of home insurance), from a creditworthy insurance provider, proof of which they must be able to provide upon request by Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts.
Unless a written agreement has previously been accorded, all minors under 16 years of age are the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents or accompanying adults throughout the duration of the holiday.
The client and any other person not employed by Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts are strictly forbidden to enter any area marked for staff access only. If the above enter these areas it is at their own risk, Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts will take no further responsibility.

14. Complaints
Any complaint arising during the stay must be brought immediately to the attention of the manager or head of reception. If the problem cannot be resolved onsite the client must notify Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts in writing within 15 days of the end of the stay, with details of the complaint. After this period, no complaint will be dealt with and no correspondence will be entered into.
In any situation the client must pay the total balance of the stay within the designated time scale, not retaining any of the money owed unless agreed by Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts. Failure to do so may result in the complaint not being considered by Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts.

15. Cancellation insurance
Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts has taken out a cancellation insurance with CICP S.A. (Capital 41.200 €, Head office : 8, rue Auber – 75009 PARIS) who are insurance brokers operating under licence number 435 354 055 at the Registre du Commerce de Paris. This company is registered with the Registre des Intermédiaires en Assurance (ORIAS) with ORIAS CICP Assurances number being 07 004 999.
The party leader must be over 18 years of age and confirm that he/she will be taking out travel insurance with public liability which covers their party for any damage to the property.
16. Other Information
Choosing to take holidays in off peak periods can provide many advantages. There is less traffic on the roads, prices are lower, the atmosphere is more peaceful. On the other hand, there can be fewer activities available and some shops or services may be limited and/or closed.
Swimming pools and restaurants are usually open but if there is bad weather, if cleaning or maintenance is being done or for any other reason outside our control, it is possible that some services are unavailable or suspended.
If you wish to make use of a facility, especially if it is essential to your holiday, please ask for confirmation that it will definitely be available during your stay.
Specific requests will be invoiced at 60€ per week.

17. Penalty Clause
For every payment deadline missed, with effect as of the second letter sent to the Client, a handling fee of 15 Euros per reminder letter will be charged. Should failure to pay becomes a legal matter, the complete debt will include handling fees and interest charged at the current legal rate, as well as any legal and administrative costs whatever their nature.

18. Termination of contract
Any contract will be automatically terminated without legal proceedings if the client fails to fulfil any of their obligations or behaves inappropriately in the accommodation thus disturbing other clients or the running of the Madame Vacances Hotels and Resorts site. In this case, the client must immediately return the keys to the property and may be required to leave immediately.

19. Legal competence
Before undertaking any legal proceedings, both parties must attempt to resolve their dispute out of court. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of any claim submitted in court.
If no solution can be reached out of court, parties attribute competence exclusively to the courts of England.