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“We had a very restful fortnight in Les Palmiers and Francoise and Nicholas were lovely and interesting. I managed to practise both my rusty French as well as Italian. They greeted us with a couple of bottles on bubbles and we chatted for a couple of hours on the patio. After that, we only saw them to say hello a couple of times in passing and another time when some palm leaves on the roof caused a small leak into one of the bedrooms. They both came straight over and I helped Nicholas climb onto the roof of the second floor to clear it. They were clearly mortified that there had been a problem but were very swift to rectify so having them on site was a benefit and not at all intrusive as I feared it might be. We were advised on arrival that there could be no music played outside at all and that any significant noise after 10pm might result in a visit from the police and a fine of €450 which did dampen our evening socialising somewhat. Apparently there have been issues with neighbours and we were warned that they were in the habit of calling the police so no doubt there have been some rowdy groups staying there in the past. It’s understandable to an extent being a residential area but it made us a little paranoid about making any noise at all in the evenings especially. On the plus side, the neighbours were quiet other than some building work across the road during the day so nobody bothered us either. For that reason we’d be very careful about locations in the future, especially when travelling with our children but for a quiet holiday it’s an ideal choice and Biot is a lovely village to stroll through. The villa itself was clean and the dining area, pool and outdoor space excellent. Pools can look larger in photos but in this case it was as we’d hoped and perfect for us. It was obviously hot in Nice and the fans and air conditioning a must but the top floor was simply unusable due to the heat so the two boys brought their mattresses downstairs and slept in the living room. Next time I visit in the summer I will ensure all rooms have air conditioning. The electricity cost was a concern, especially in these times but I was pleasantly surprised to find it came in at about €10 a day which was very good. Had we known it was not going to be a concern, we might have had the air conditioning on for longer. The deposit was refunded in full and there were no other issues. Thank you so much for the service you provided. I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to travel to France and hopefully we’ll be in touch with you again to book another villa elsewhere in France. I have already been looking at the other properties you have.”
Jaime B 6/8/22

“On behalf of the group which stayed at Les Palmiers from 12-19th August, I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in arranging the holiday. We had a wonderful time and would heartily recommend the villa.”
Elizabeth B 4/9/17